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BSA is connecting Australia with smarter ways to use and manage energy. We are assisting businesses across a variety of industries to automate their assets and make wise investment decisions.

We work with our customers to design and implement tailored end-to-end energy management solutions that best suit their facilities and business needs.

Key Capabilities:

  • Site and energy assessments and audits
  • NABERS assessments by in-house accredited assessors
  • Energy metering, monitoring and analytics
  • Building automation including building management systems (BMS), internet of things (IoT) solutions
  • Innovative data modelling technologies for assessing energy efficiency opportunities
  • Demand management applications such as demand response and demand flexing
  • Measurement and verification of energy project effectiveness
  • Project management and delivery of sustainable upgrade projects
  • Design, installation, service and optimisation of commercial grade renewable energy systems
  • Landlord and tenant benefit schemes
  • Guaranteed performance outcomes
  • Financing options and leasing arrangements – funded, cashflow positive solutions
  • Management of government subsidies
  • Ongoing system operation, maintenance and optimisation
One provider for all building energy and sustainability needs.

BSA provides a range of holistic building energy and sustainability solutions. We support the development of an energy strategy; integration of products, services and partners; implementation of innovative energy management systems; the physical delivery of installations and upgrades; and a team of professionals to verify and support certification of energy efficient buildings.

Assessments and audits by a qualified Energy Advisor.

Initial facility inspections and asset audits are undertaken by a qualified BSA Energy Advisor to examine energy consumption, asset quality, condition and operational efficiency. We also report on potential sustainable upgrades, associated capex, maintenance forecasts and resulting cost savings. Importantly, auditing provides the benchmark data for energy modelling and post implementation verification.

Our in-house NABERS accredited assessors are available to provide assessments for our clients. Additionally, we use our internal engineering capabilities to integrate NABERS targets into ongoing building optimisation and efficiency.

Expert assistance for business case development.

BSA lends engineering and technical expertise to develop complex business cases to support investment in energy reduction projects and programs. We offer concept designs, financial modelling and evaluations of the various investment options.

Building automation, metering and analytics for visibility and control.

BSA has an experienced team dedicated to the delivery and ongoing management of building automation and IoT solutions. These solutions provide the tools for energy management and innovative applications such as demand response.

Energy modelling technologies to drive project success.

Our process is enhanced by combining building management systems and automation with the latest building and energy modelling technology and methods utilised by our Advisory team. Technology makes it possible to bridge the gap between the real world and simulation. It enables energy efficient design and continuous operational optimisation of entire groups of buildings.

Driving efficiencies in Demand Management.

The Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) sector consumes around 22% of all electricity produced in Australia and is responsible for around 50% of peak grid demand. In a typical office building, HVAC systems consume the greatest portion of energy.

As major services provider to the sector, BSA is at the forefront of emerging technology in demand management. We are working with our clients to improve control of HVAC&R, reduce onsite energy use and peak demand charges, increase solar consumption and support opportunities in demand response participation.

We design, manage and deliver sustainable upgrades.

BSA supports energy management solutions end-to-end by physically delivering energy efficiency upgrades, replacements, equipment optimisation, and ongoing onsite operations and maintenance.

  • HVAC&R
  • Electrical
  • LED Lighting
  • BMS
  • IoT Sensors
  • Hydraulics
  • Essential services assets
  • Energy metering
  • Onsite generation – solar, co and tri generation
  • Energy storage – batteries, thermal

Measure and verify to enhance energy savings.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) is the process of planning, measuring, collecting and analysing data to verify and report the energy savings within an individual facility, resulting from the implementation of energy saving solutions. In addition to improved financial outcomes, M&V helps to demonstrate the value of reduced emissions from our clients’ investments.

We assist our clients with the development of their M&V plan. M&V is an active and ongoing process – each M&V task serves to enhance and improve savings in the building’s operation and maintenance.

Integrating energy optimisation strategies into asset management services.

We leverage our core capabilities across our clients’ energy consuming, generating and storage assets to integrate energy reduction targets into asset upgrades and our ongoing maintenance services.

Government Incentives and Financing

We provide assessment of available government incentives such as small-scale renewable energy technology certificates (STCs), large scale generation certificates (LGCs), and Federal and State based energy upgrade incentives.

End-to-end capability comes with commercial advantages for our customers. BSA can bundle solutions into comprehensive, long term energy performance contracts (EPCs) that incorporate sustainable upgrades and ongoing operations and maintenance with performance guarantees, financing and external funding arrangements.


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