Building Automation & IoT

BSA’s network of subject matter experts, multi-disciplined engineers and strategic partners enables us to bring together the latest technologies for building management and automation from around the world.

We bring holistic smart building solutions to a diverse range of clients. Our collaborative culture and technology agnostic approach allows BSA to understand each client’s unique requirements and deliver the best-fit solution for their facility type, strategic goals and budget.

Key Capabilities:

  • Design, supply, implementation and integration of building management, automation and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Innovative product selection and supply
  • Turnkey project delivery including supply, installation, connection, programming, testing, commissioning and end user training
  • Asset integration, controls and tuning including HVAC&R, electrical, Fire, Renewables, lighting and more
  • Facility portfolio integration to connect assets across multiple buildings and locations
  • Remote system monitoring and fault management
  • Onsite maintenance of a broad range of BMS and IoT systems and equipment
  • BMS upgrades and replacements
  • Data analytics and development of data-driven predictive energy management and predictive maintenance strategies
Making Australia’s buildings smarter with BMS and IoT assets.
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Software as a Service based BMS Systems / IoT Control Systems
  • Building Networks (Building IT Networks)
  • Monitoring and analytics applications
  • Network and connectivity including NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Private LoRa and BLE
  • Data management systems (cloud, on premises, hybrid and edge)
  • Sensors and controllers for a broad range of applications:
    • Motor condition – vibration, temperature and acoustic
    • Asset tracking for example tracking of fire extinguishers
    • Water meters
    • Bin waste levels
    • Environmental conditions (T, H, Lux, CO, CO2, PM2.5, PM10)
    • Solar PV and Battery
    • Space Utilisation
    • Soil conditions
    • Smart street lights
    • Smart parking

A range of solutions for our diverse customer base.

A BMS gives building owners and operators the visibility and control to optimise the performance of their buildings from a single interface. It facilitates rapid business decision-making and enables our customers to achieve occupant comfort conditions, reach energy strategy targets and reduce operating cost.

As a maintenance provider for all manner of facility types, BSA understands that the drivers and financial considerations around BMS for a commercial office tower for example will be vastly different to a single storey retail complex.

To achieve our clients’ individual needs and goals BSA offers a range of options from complete, engineered BMS packages to light software-as-a-service solutions for data visualisation and control.

BMS offers a cost effective, energy saving opportunity.

A BMS can deliver significant energy cost savings for our customers when paired with an energy management strategy. Performance management and reporting capabilities assist our clients to meet energy consumption and star rating targets. Demand response applications, which rely on data from a BMS, can even generate revenue for customers with renewable energy assets.

National service delivery by a trusted, long term partner.

BSA is a Master Systems Integrator and has offered BMS construction and maintenance services since 2001 with a proven track record for success. Today, this team is responsible for BSA’s end-to-end IoT solutions with resources based permanently in major capital cities.

Delivery is supported by our national team of mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, programmers and software developers.

Data-driven maintenance to deliver enhanced service outcomes.

BSA has invested in the development of world-class systems to transform service delivery – using data to drive superior outcomes for our maintenance customers.

Predictive maintenance uses data collected from building assets to measure their condition and to generate maintenance tasks only when they need to be performed. Using a data analytics platform to generate these actionable insights, BSA is able to undertake maintenance activity proactively, rather than reacting to a system breakdown.

In the short term data driven maintenance technologies can reduce costs by enabling remote fault management and reducing truck rolls. Additionally, it can assist maintenance providers to improve productivity by sending a suitably skilled and equipped technician if a site visit is required.

Over time the results allow a condition based maintenance plan to be developed – with a balance of both preventative and predictive elements.


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